Component Sponsorship


If you would like to support the construction of our locomotive by sponsoring a specific component, we have a list of parts which are needed to complete the locomotive.

Please (Click Here) to view the new Sponsorship Form  to see an updated list or contact:-

Norman Raine on 0191 378 2051 or Brian Cox on 01388 450 540.


PART Cost No. Regd. Buy
Fire Bar Grate £70 24
Fusible Plugs £80 3
Washout Plugs £65 18
Brake Blocks £75 12
Mudhole Doors £150 6
Chimney Pattern £1500 1
Wheel Spoke £500 48

In recognition of your support in sponsoring a part:-

  • Your name will be inscribed on the official sponsorship board detaling the part you have sponsored.
  • We will send you a certificate recording the details of your sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship over £75 will automatically qualify for life membership of ‘The Friends of the G5’.

You can pay via PayPal or using a credit card by clicking on the link above.

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque; please print out the Friends leaflet and fill in our component sponsorship form and return it to the G5 Sales and Marketing Team, All cheques payable to the “Class G5 Locomotive Co Ltd"