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Class G5 Locomotive Company


Our Aim:- To design, build and operate a North Eastern Railway Class O, LNER Class G5, 0-4-4 Passenger Tank Locomotive.

The Class G5 Locomotive Company Limited has been founded by a group of like minded Northern railway enthusiasts, who intend to recreate a full-size prototypical North Eastern Railway Class O (LNER Class G5) 0 - 4 - 4 Passenger Tank Locomotive, initially for use on heritage railways such as Weardale, Wensleydale and Aln Valley but later on the main line.

There is an increasing shortage of first class steam locomotives of this size and capacity available for use on heritage railways. Most small to medium sized locomotives are over 60 years old with all of the associated problems. In addition many of the preserved industrial-type locomotives are either too small or do not have the capacity to cope with longer, heavier, trains, we intend to address this problem!

With the exception of the Great Central Railway, the majority of heritage railways are branch lines and they tend to run short to medium length trains which; if using industrial-type locomotives, often have to be double-headed. This is a costly solution which the G5 will help overcome. This class of locomotive was designed specifically as a branch line engine so will comfortably handle four or five bogie coaches and will therefore be an ideal solution for most heritage railways. 

We have already received many enquires about the possibility of hiring our locomotive. Wherever it goes the G5 will be a crowd puller and will certainly improve the revenue streams of any heritage railway it visits. 

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